Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)


Automated logistics system is an important part of intelligent manufacturing, AGV can better realize the automation of logistics. AGV has the advantages of quick action, high work efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety, which can fully reflect its automation and flexibility and realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.



  Ribbon navigation technology for easy path control (We also have magnitc/radar/laser navigation solutions)

  Obstacle avoidance, emergency parking, power detection 

  360 ° omnidirectional moving design, shuttle freely in a small space 

  High parking accuracy, up to ±10mm

  Reliable laser, double physical collision avoidance mechanism 

  Take advantage of modular design, easy to maintain and upgrade 


Dispatch system diagram

◆ Multi-direction compatible

 Compatible with enterprise management system

 Pre-dock to achieve data sharing, business seamless convergence.

◆ Flexible adaptation

 Flexible settings to meet the complex and ever-changing business needs.

◆ Easy to expand

 Support system online upgrade.

 Support for different types of AGV management.

◆ Friendly interface

 Easy to use.

 Ergonomics design



Size: generation1: 2602 * 1282 * 565 (mm)/ generation2: 3245*2492*695 (mm)

Walking speed: 0-60m / min (can be customized)

Turning radius: 0-∞ (free to set according to the map)

Navigation accuracy: ± 10mm

Load capacity: 1500kg(generation1)/6000kg(generation2)

Lifting process: 0 ~ 250mm

Climbing ability: 10 °

Lifetime:> 10 years

Operating temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Humidity: ≤ 95%

Navigation mode: ribbon/magnetic/radar/laser navigation.

Sensing range: the front and rear side: 0-5m, side: 0-3m

Battery model: 48V / 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery

Drive power: DC48V

Charging time: 2.5 h

Lifetime: 6 h